Improbable Insights Podcast: New Year, New Gear

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We’re back!

As we enter 2018, the Improbable Insights podcast gang regroup to discuss the gear and media they’ve acquired in the past several months. Given our disparate interests, we discuss a range of things from a large format Epson printer (Loyd), the GlowForge laser cutter (Eric), to Sous Vide cookers (David). Along the way, we touch on 4K HDR televisions, iPhone X, AMD’s Ryzen processors, and better ways to build custom LEGO add-ons.

But it’s not all high tech gear. We include more mundane items, like ultra-soft socks, a flexible new glue, and watchband repair tools.

As always, we also get into media we’ve been reading and watching: books, movies, TV, and games. Come along for the ride, stay for the opinions!

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