Improbable Insights Podcast: Should You Buy a Game Console?

Game consoles once ruled the roost when it came to AAA game titles. The major console companies vied for exclusive titles and had unparalleled ease of use.  Consoles even offered performance superior to the best PCs of the day. The PC looked like it would be relegated to more complex strategy games, with the big action games and RPGs taken over by consoles. Economic factors, Moore’s Law, and the incredible gains in PC graphics allowed the PC to catch up.

Eric, David, and I debate the merits and pitfalls of owning a game console today, and a spirited debate it is. Eric’s always owned a console, David came to PC gaming from the console space, while I just recently acquired a Playstation 4 Pro after a hiatus away from consoles. Do you own a game console? If so, why? If not, should you?

Tools and Fun

I discuss what may be the biggest damned lens I’ve ever owned — not its reach, but sheer bulk and size. I also mention a great budget PC case, Windows 10 Creator Edition gotchas,  and why I bought my wife an iPad Mini. David discusses his new favorite travel laptop, the Nanoleaf Aurora, Ghost Recon, and Slack for families. Eric finally closes out his Arrested Development run, reads some Neil Gaiman, and continues with Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer.

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