How We Handle Geek Disappointment

Meaning: Disappointment

It’s happened to all of us. Something seemingly very cool gets announced. It might be a movie, a game, a new gadget, or just about anything that sets our geek and nerd mouths watering. So we preorder or crowdfund it. When the object of our heart’s desire gets released, we’re crushed with disappointment. If it’s media, it’s just not good, with shoddy writing, mediocre acting, and impenetrable directing. A game promising hours of immersion instead delivers hours of frustration. A tech gizmo ships with missing features, loads of bugs, and fails to achieve its stated goals.

How do you handle the disappointment? David Bryant and I discuss how we handle geek disappointments and how we try to prevent future soul-crushing events.

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Tools & Fun

One of the photographic tools I’ve used for years is the Nik Filter Collection. Google bought Nik a few years back, released the entire filter collection for free, but also announced it was being deprecated. The lack of attention has finally hit home, with several filters no longer working properly with the latest Photoshop CC 2017 updates. I discuss the solution I found that works for me.

I also returned to an old keyboard, gave up on Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, and had a great time reading The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter  by Theodora Goss. And if you haven’t seen The Legend of Korrayou’re missing on one of the best anime series in years. I’ve also been playing some board games… on my iPad. I talk about several and share my experiences.

Meanwhile David helped his sister-in-law and niece build a desktop PC remotely. How well did it work out? Listen in to find out. He also saw Wonder Woman  and enjoyed it. On the gaming front, he’s nearly at the end of Ghost Recon Wildlands so of course, he picked up Sniper Elite 4 during Steam’s summer sale. And ever the Diablo fan, David bought into the Necromancer pack.

He also discusses how he’s prepping his photography gear for the big trip to catch the solar eclipse, which includes a Neewer alloy rail mount for his mirrorless Sony, plus assorted filters.

Sorry about the lateness of the podcast; I had some technical issues which have been resolved. We’ll continue with our biweekly schedule henceforth.


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