HDR: The Eyes Have It

Graphics technology seeks to emulate the real world. Approaches like VR and 3D rendering emulate how we see in all dimensions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) tries to emulate the range of luminance our eyes handle every day in real life. True HDR may be the most significant display advancement in the last decade — certainly more significant than the ill-fated attempts at 3D TV and curved sets. David and I dive into some definitions, discuss emerging HDR standards, and give recommendations on what you should look for when checking out HDR TVs or desktop monitors.


Let there be light… in my garage. My ancient fluorescent fixtures, with their 40-inch tubes and noisy ballasts, finally went the way of the dodo. I talk about my efforts to install more modern replacements and marvel at how inexpensive LED lighting has become. I also talk about taking a step back from FireFox usage and an encrypted messaging tool which seems to have become all the rage today.

Oh, yeah, and I ride bicycles. Virtually.

David talks about drone flying on his way to CES and gives a shoutout to Really Useful Boxes.


Are you confused about the plethora of options for buying Mass Effect Andromeda? We drill down into the options in an attempt to reduce confusion. Also, Andromeda now has a release date: March 21, with pre-loads starting on March 17. I also discuss a little brain-burner of a board game from Days of Wonder called Quadropollis.

David finds a little indie gaming gem, Astroneer. Still in early access, Astroneer scratches a bunch of itches, including exploration, survival, building, and co-op gaming.

Finally, as we get nearer to Season 2 of The Expanse, I offer up a recap of Season One I found… with cats!



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