How to Get the Improbable Insights Podcast

The Improbable Insights Crew

Three people sit down every two weeks to record the Improbable Insights podcast.

Eric Klein works in early-stage venture capital, focusing on companies developing a variety of hardware for consumers and businesses. As a venture guy, he keeps his eyes open for cool new tech before most people hear about it. Eric also began his career in gaming, working for Bungie back in the day. He also spent time at Palm and Apple.

David Bryant works as a Mozilla Fellow, exploring new web technologies. He’s worked at Bell Labs, Sun Microsystems, and Nokia over the years. His years of graphics and product development experience gives him some keen insights on user experience, software, and hardware development.

Eric, David, and I are also avid gamers, and often have strong opinions about games of all types, including tabletop and video games. Eric and I have been close to the gaming industry for a lot of years, which enables us to comment about what’s going on in the industry.

Eric and David are both veteran makers, and often comment on tools and projects they’re involved with.

Eric Klein, David Bryant, and I have been recording the Improbable Insights podcast for over 100 episodes now. Improbable Insights is Uncertainty’s own podcast, and focuses on tech, the tools we use, and the media we like best. We also talk about long-term usage, and what tech we’ve kept or dropped. While you can always listen on the website (click on the “podcast” menu item for a list), a lot of you may want to download the podcast.

How to Get the Podcast

Improbable Insights has been available on iTunes from day one. Just go to iTunes and search for Improbable Insights. You can also listen or download from the Google Play music storeĀ if that’s your poison. If you’d like to manually download the podcast, or use a podcast app that accepts RSS, the feed can be found here.

We continue to be excited about the podcast, but we haven’t been doing a great job of getting the word out on Improbable Insights. Give us a review on your favorite podcasting source. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas, either via feedback on Uncertainty or send us email to Hope to hear from you soon!

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