Game Industry Changes and More VR

This week’s podcast focuses on the incredible changes occurring on the hardware side of the game business. Eric Klein and I discuss Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, Xbox One games on Windows 10, Playstation Neo, and more. We also touch on recent developments in VR, including how HTC Vive seems to be winning the PC VR war, Playstation VR, and what the 2016 holiday season might hold in store for VR gear and games.


On the tools side, I show Eric an actual eVGA GTX 1070, to which he responds, “disbelieve, disbelieve!”

I also talk about how easy car buying has become on the Internet and how best to mount those pesky HTC Vive base stations.

Eric talks about recent travels, his SIM card woes, and buying gear for his daughters as they prepare for overseas travel.

We also debate the ease of installation (or lack thereof) of modern PC VR hardware.


Eric takes along not-so-light reading, finally wrapping up Neil Stephenson’s REAMDE. He also attempts to do a little on-the-go gaming with a 2013 Macbook Pro with mixed results. Oh, and Eric finally discovers Parks and Recreation.

I talk about wrapping up XCOM2 Ironman, take on the new Doom, and fire up Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. On the literate side, I really like Kate McIntyre’s new Deathsniffer’s Assistant.

Finally, NASA has released some very cool Mars Tourism posters. Get yours now, including some awesome high resolutions images suitable for posters.

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