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D500 Down!



Ugh. So this happened.

See that large dent in the pentaprism housing (aka the “CVR-VF cover” according to Nikon)? The damage occurred when the D500 detached from the Luma Loop 3 sling I had attached to the camera. I could blame Luma Loop, but this was at least partly my fault. The loop attaches to the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera. I normally have a Really Right Stuff ball head quick release plate on the camera base. Luma Labs doesn’t support attaching the Loop 3 to the camera indirectly this way.

The Really Right Stuff plate includes its own tripod mount, so I happily attached the Luma Loop to the plate. I had, however, failed to read the fine print in the Luma Loop literature. The Loop 3 includes rubber padding that minimizes the risk of the Loop mount unscrewing when it’s attached to the camera. As with many cameras, the base of the D500 has aΒ textured surface, which the Loop mount grips nicely. However, if you attach the Loop to a QR plate, which has a smooth metal surface, the rubber mount can slip. Slippage means the Loop 3 mount gradually unscrewing itself.

This happened to me on my recent vacation. The Loop 3 mount unscrewed itself from the RRS plate and the D500 went crashing to the ground.

So my lovely D500 is off to Nikon for repair, which will set me back $345. The real downside, however, is that the “CVR-VF cover” isn’t normally kept in repair stock, so it may be weeks before I get the body back. In the meantime, I’m going through DSLR withdrawal. I do have this $350 gift card from B&H, so maybe I can do something with that…

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