Cool Stuff and #FAILs at the 2017 CES

The annual CES (don’t call it the Consumer Electronics Show!) just wrapped up in Las Vegas. Eric Klein and I talk about what looked cool, what looked lame, and whether or not a massive, unfocused show like CES really has any meaning. What was geek-worthy? What stuff was ridiculous? What’s Alexa up to these days? Will we ever get untethered VR? What are we looking forward to? Maybe this year’s CES trend was no trend at all?


I go into a little more detail about the CycleOps Magnus indoor bike trainer, in which you can ride your own bike. The Magnus connects via Bluetooth or ANT+ to virtual cycling apps, changing resistance on the fly as you ride. I also give a thumbs up to the D-Fuse softbox for LED lighting panels.

Eric talks about the joys and problems with taking his brand-spanking-new Razer Blade on the road. As with any new tech, he encountered some teething problems. But the glory of high detail gaming is ever-seductive.


The Long War team, now renamed Pavonis Interactive, released the Long War 2 for XCOM2. Ostensibly a mod, Long War 2 is a full-on re-imagining of XCOM2, with more weapons, more classes, and a revamped strategic game. Well worth checking out if you’re into XCOM2.

I also catch the season finale of The Good Place. Subversive comedy is the best comedy. I’m also having a good time with Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters on Netflix. On the film side, we caught La-La Land, which was great fun, if not particularly deep. Finally, I discuss books worth reading if you want the basics on Global Climate Change, including Michael Mann’s outstanding Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change.



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