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PC Graphics Update: Nvidia GTX 1080

The GTX 1080 now resides in one of the PCs in the lab and continues to impress. Stellar game performance at reasonable power and noise levels make for a great gaming experience. Graphics clearly drives the PC now, more so that CPUs. What does that mean for the PC, and what does GTX 1080’s level …

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Gradual Caffeine Reduction

I love me a good cuppa coffee. I used an Aeropress to make my morning coffee for years, but eventually came to like good drip coffee. I picked up a Bonavita BV1800SS automatic drip coffee maker. The Bonavita’s 1400W heating element heats the water up to the best temperature for drip, as I understand it. …

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Game Developer Conference 2016

The 30th Game Developer Conference wrapped up this week. As expected, we saw a strong emphasis on VR. But there‚Äôs a lot of other things happening in game development as well. Meaning Games have become a big business, but gaming has also become a cultural touchstone. The business of creating, designing, writing, and producing games …

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Welcome To Uncertainty

Welcome to the new home of the Improbable Insights podcast: Uncertainty Uncertainty also happens to be my new home on the web. I expect to post regular content updates. Those of you who’ve read my stuff in the past know I tend to focus on tech, photography, and bicycling. You should expect something different this …

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