Buy New Tech on Day One or Wait?

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You can almost smell it, feel it, taste it. The tech press and Twitter have been all abuzz about it. The longing to whip out your credit card and preorder seems almost too much to bear.  You know you want it, but a small, niggling voice in the back of your head tells you to wait. Wait for the inevitable bugs to be swatted and the promised features to be implemented. Should you wait? Or should you pull the trigger?

This is the eternal conundrum of early adopters. We so much want to be in on the latest new thing. But we’ve all been burned before. Eric, David, and I talk about whether to wait or not when thinking about buying shiny new tech. And boy, do we have opinions. Lots of opinions.

Tools and Fun

I’m prepping for my annual pilgrimage to Kublacon, the largest local tabletop gaming con in the Bay Area. I’m also reading City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett and find the characters engaging and the fantasy world unusual and well-drawn.  On the gaming front, I’ve fired up my XCOM2 Long War 2 campaign again just to take a little break from action games.

David just returned from a 100-hour whirlwind trip to China and found his Peak Design Everyday Backpack incredibly useful. He also goes into the challenges of traveling overseas in the modern era where personal privacy and corporate security make overseas travel more difficult. He’s also somehow gotten into the beta for Diablo III’s Necromancer class, the first new Diablo class since the expansion. Finally, he talks about all the movies he watched, and makes some hard recommendations.

Eric has wrapped up Caliban’s War by S.A. Corey, the second novel in The Expanse series. He’s trying to figure out where the story could possibly go from that ending. He also managed to acquire a Nintendo Switch, and shares the tale of how he found and bought it.

And just because the Wonder Woman movie looks like it will be terrific, I’m linking to the trailer. It arrives in theaters June 5.

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