Build Your Own Drone

Elizabeth Case is back for the holidays to talk about how she went about building a custom drone for her graduate work, the lessons she learn, and the problems she encountered. She and David Bryant have a great dialog about tools, 3D printing, software, controller types, and other drone-related issues. Elizabeth is now an FAA-licensed drone pilot and talks about interesting uses for drones in science. If you’re at all interested in building your own drone, give us a listen. Some other sources include DIY Drones, Conservation Drones, and eCalc.


After a brief group discussion about tools for building drones, I go into my¬† experience trying out Firefox as my daily production browser, including the changes I’d like to see. I also finally receive my Massdrop / Sennheiser HD6xx headphones, based on the legendary HD650s and oh… my… god…

Eric talks about the Apple pencil and his quest to turn an airline galley into a tool cart. David’s two Echo Dots are now online and he’s happy so far. He also received his Google Pixel and while he mostly likes it, WiFi reception is not all that and a bag of chips. And David’s firmly back in the Evernote camp, and shares his thoughts on OneNote, which he found wanting.


Note: at the end of the episode, we discuss some spoilers about Rogue One. You’ve been warned!

We’ve all seen Rogue One now, and we all seem to love it. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damned good. I’m also reading A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, a sort of Space Light Opera with some a nicely defined and diverse set of characters. And for once, the humans aren’t the saviors of the universe… I’m also continuing with Skyrim, experiencing side quest overload in the process. Also, Civilization 6 gets a big update.

Eric still likes Penny Dreadful, wraps up The Dark Forest, and talks a bit about Monopoly Duel, a card game based on the famous board game. David’s still trying to survive Survival Mode in The Division and discusses an early access survival game, Astroneer.


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