Augmented Reality: Where the Money Is

Pokemon Go is the canary in the coal mine. VR may be cool, and may be more immersive, but even primitive augmented reality apps will generate vast sources of revenue. Some might argue that Pokemon Go isn’t “true” augmented reality, but that’s picking its. 

So is Pokemon Go a one-off, or a harbinger of things to come? Join Eric Klein, David Bryant, and me in a spirited discussion of whether Pokemon Go will launch a thousand new AR ships, and what that might mean.


My older daughter, Elizabeth, is building a drone at Cornell University. Dubbed the “Zikadrone”, it’s long-term purpose will be to distribute and collect mosquito traps to enable better testing for mosquito-borne diseases like Zika.

On more mundane matters, I had a weird problem with Windows where a Spanish language keyboard mysteriously got added to my system. Removing it proved a little awkward, so I share how to do it.

David’s Sandman clock arrived, and it’s pretty neat. It’s a simple, seven-segment LED clock which also doubles as a USB device charger. He’s also impressed with his new Seville Classics slimline 40-inch fan. Eric finally got his Switchmate, an odd device that mechanically actuates existing light switches remotely. He also talks up the latest Philips Hue app as well as the Shapeoko 2, a CNC wood carving machine.


David’s still digging the second season of Mr. Robot. He also gives a shoutout to Public Service Broadcasting’s The Race for Space. PSB is a music ensemble which took loops from old NASA audio tracks and turned them into music. He also Kickstarted the Raspberry Shake, a DIY seismometer, and a faithful recreation of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan.

Eric wraps up The Three Body Problemloved it, and still ponders its meaning. He’s also started playing Pokemon Go, along with the rest of the known population of the US, but we may lose him to Overwatch soon. He also Kickstarted a documentary about design guru Dieter Rams and still enjoys building destructible drones with Flybrix.

Oh, and he bought a Segway.

As for me, I note that Star Trek Beyond has been getting pretty positive reviews, but haven’t quite mustered the energy to go see it. I did see The Secret Life of Pets, which is not groundbreaking but offered a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, and proved a needed catharsis in a busy, somewhat dismal 2016.

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