loyd elder signWelcome to Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is Loyd Case’s home on the web. You’ll find occasional writings about tech, living the geek life, gaming, and more. I’m hoping the “more” bit becomes a lot more.

I’ve been writing about tech since the mid-90s, but also have abiding interests in digital media, gaming, bicycling, photography, and a lot more. Call me eclectic if you will; I won’t mind. My professional life revolves around writing as an industry analyst for The Linley Group, but this is my personal blog, and the opinions and thoughts here are all my own, for better or worse.

This is also the home of the Improbable Insights podcast. Improbable Insights is hosted by Eric Klein and me, with occasional co-hosting by David Bryant. Eric is an early-stage venture capitalist. David’s a tech guru at Mozilla. We try to parse the meaning of new technologies, what we like to carry and use, plus talk about what we’re doing to amuse ourselves.

I welcome any comments on articles posted here, but keep the comments civil. I moderate pretty loosely, but reserve the right to approve or disapprove any comment thread that veers too far off track.


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    • ethanabaron on February 24, 2021 at 10:05 am
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    Hello Loyd! I hope you’re well… I’m a Mercury News reporter, hoping to speak with you today about Fry’s closing — possible? I’m at 408-859-5136 or ebaron@bayareanewsgroup.com Thanks!

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