Tech Grab Bag Podcast

This weeks podcast delves into a variety of interesting and curious recent tech news, including Ultra Blu-ray drives for the PC, the Windows game bar, Windows game mode, AMD Vega, Qualcomm’s lawsuit woes, Google cutting off ads to fake news sites and more. It turned out to be a pretty lively discussion; I hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording it. Tools I trade in my basic black, sound-dampened case, for something a bit more colorful, […]

Cool Stuff and #FAILs at the 2017 CES

The annual CES (don’t call it the Consumer Electronics Show!) just wrapped up in Las Vegas. Eric Klein and I talk about what looked cool, what looked lame, and whether or not a massive, unfocused show like CES really has any meaning. What was geek-worthy? What stuff was ridiculous? What’s Alexa up to these days? Will we ever get untethered VR? What are we looking forward to? Maybe this year’s CES trend was no trend at all? Tools I go […]

HDR: The Eyes Have It

Graphics technology seeks to emulate the real world. Approaches like VR and 3D rendering emulate how we see in all dimensions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) tries to emulate the range of luminance our eyes handle every day in real life. True HDR may be the most significant display advancement in the last decade — certainly more significant than the ill-fated attempts at 3D TV and curved sets. David and I dive into some definitions, discuss emerging HDR standards, and give […]

Just a Few Graphic Novels

It was a joy to sit down and talk about the some of the science fiction that left fingerprints on how we think about and interpret the world. I read avidly as a kid, and Loyd fed me plenty of fiction and fantasy, but Neuromancer was the first to encourage me to think beyond the pages of the book. The vivid, dystopian world traveled by a protagonist named Case, the blurring of good and evil, of the virtual and the […]

Inspirations from Science Fiction

Elizabeth Case joins me this week as we talk about ideas from science fiction that have inspired us in our daily lives. Science fiction has been about “what happens if…” — but what we often forget is that it’s also about “what happens to people if…” We’d like to share some ideas from science fiction that inspired us in different ways — not always positive inspirations, to be sure, but inspirations that sent us in a (we hope) positive direction.  We […]

An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Look, I know, you need money. The election was rough, you didn’t expect Hillary to lose. None of us did. But we need to discuss your penchant for sending out funding emails. I now get at least two or three a day, all of them alarmist. Hey, you don’t need to tell me it’s tough now. The Republicans control both the House and the Senate. Trump will become president soon. The ACA, Medicare, and Social Security are all in danger. […]

2016 Favorites: Tools, Gear, & Fun

David, Eric, and I covered a lot of ground in 2016, so we look back on a year that seemed more evolutionary than revolutionary, but with some hints of possible tech revolution to come. Join us as we go over our favorites of the year in tech, gear, tools, and media. It’s not only a look back at cool stuff, but at what we think stood the test of time and use or love today. Tools I look at some […]