Nikon D500

D500 Down!

  Ugh. So this happened. See that large dent in the pentaprism housing (aka the “CVR-VF cover” according to Nikon)? The damage occurred when the D500 detached from the Luma Loop 3 sling I had attached to the camera. I could blame Luma Loop, but this was at least partly my fault. The loop attaches to the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera. I normally have a Really Right Stuff ball head quick release plate on the camera […]

What’s Up With Apple?

Any new product launch from Cupertino generates both positive and negative buzz, Apple’s recent product launches have generated more than the usual amount of controversy. Longtime Apple fans have come out of the woodwork, grumbling more than usual at the changes wrought with the new iPhone and Macbook launches. Does the elevated level of discontent signal Apple has stopped listening to its customers? Or do the new product launches represent omens of future strategies? Eric and I talk argue about […]

Social Media Turbulence

  Now that the election is behind us, we’ve seen interesting tidbits about the impact of social media on the election. Whatever your stance on the candidates might be, some of the trends in social are disturbing. One particularly disturbing trend: the traction gained by fake news sites, some simply satirical, others with an axe to grind. Fake news isn’t the only problem with social media. Social media’s original goals of bringing people together may be undermined by algorithmic-driven silos. […]

From Woo to Science

In the early 1970s, a skinny kid in Washington State discovered J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Like many nerdy kids at the time, this kid became obsessed with the Trilogy. He became relatively proficient using the runes defined in the Trilogy, even marking up gear he owned with said runes. That kid, of course, was me. In the next decade or so, I gradually moved away from the hard science I’d grown to love in high school. Fantasy fiction replaced […]

The Language of Computing

While visiting my older daughter, Elizabeth, at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, I attended a talk given by Jon Lindsay, Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Global Affairs at U of Toronto. The seminar was ostensibly about cyber security, but Lindsay mentioned a few things that set me thinking. Consider the language we use when we talk about computers: files, procedures, programs, processes, directories, folders. These terms derive directly from large institutions; more specifically, large business and government institutions. In […]

Nostalgia is an Ugly Weapon

Nostalgia is an odd lens with which to view the past. By its very nature, nostalgia includes a built-in rose-colored glasses effect. Things viewed through that lens look far better than they seemed at the time. Maybe it’s the human tendency to try to ascribe meaning to events or our fear of a rapidly changing present that seems alien to us as we grow older. I’ve never been personally nostalgic about the 60s and 70s; having lived through them, I […]

Managing the Arrow of Time

How we value our time and our use of it can be an indicator of both success in life and how we value others. David, Eric, and I all work at three very different, demanding jobs, each with its own set of demands on time. How do we manage those demands? What meaning do we assign to life events in order to prioritize? What’s our philosophy about time and time management? We share our very different approaches and philosophies. Tools […]

Full Asymmetry in Board Games

One of the interesting trends in board game mechanics is asymmetry. Asymmetry simply means the different players have substantially different capabilities. In extreme cases, the different sides even play by completely different rules. Asymmetric games require smart design effort and significant playtesting to ensure game balance. For players, though, asymmetry can be more fun, allowing individuals to pick factions which suit their play style. I classify asymmetry in competitive games as fully asymmetric, lightly asymmetric, and player-created asymmetric; this post […]