The Age of Incrementalism

Have we reached the age of incrementalism when it comes to tech advances? Intel’s new processors add 10% performance and a little less power each generation. Smartphones all look the same, and capabilities between different slab phones differ little. HDTVs mostly come in 4K versions, whose image quality is hard to see relative to 1080p sets. So what am I missing, and where’s the next big advances in technology coming to utterly wow us? A recent cartoon from the excellent […]

The Massive LG38UC99 38-inch Monitor

I no longer need two displays on my desk. This is why. Two or more monitors improve productivity, so I’ve generally had at least two monitors. Even with the 21:9 Dell U3415W, I occasionally resorted to a second display when working; having the additional data windows on-screen proved incredibly useful. I found with the 34-inch Dell that I used that second display less often, but still used it on infrequent occasions. For one thing, the 1440-pixel height seemed constraining. That […]

Time Travel is the New Zombies

It’s fun watching television grab certain tropes and run with them. We had vampires in the 90s, zombies in the 00’s and now we seem to be entering the era of time travel as a trope. TV tends to reflect what’s going on in our culture rather than be a leading indicator. In the 1990s, vampires possibly reflected (pun intended) the unease baby boomers had about growing old and wanting to live forever. Or it could be the yearning to […]

Podcast: David and I Ask “Why?”

When you were a kid, you probably found it useful and annoying to keep asking your parents the question “Why?” David and I ask that question in today’s podcast regarding some of our choices in tech and related matters. We wanted to dig into our assumptions about what we use. It’s easy to become too comfortable with the familiar, and understanding why you choose something can sometimes open up your eyes to other options. So come along for the ride […]

The New Mouse

My Logitech G602 died. RIP. I’ve been using the G602 as my primary mouse since 2013. It saw service as both a general desktop gaming mouse and for gaming. The G602 shined as an everyday mouse. It fit my hand reasonably well and had an awesomely long battery life for a wireless gaming mouse. I love the freedom of being cable-free, particularly when gaming. I used NiMH rechargeable batteries which only needed changing every 3-4 months. It wasn’t perfect for […]

Loyd Finally Adds an AP

I have a complicated house. It’s a dual-split level; think of it as a house sawed in half, with one-half sunk into the ground. That half constitutes the daylight basement which houses my office. My office is also home to the Comcast Business gateway and my Netgear Nighthawk X6 wireless router. The physical distance between the router and the furthest corner of the house is probably about 50 feet, up two floors in my bedroom. Despite the short distance, I […]

Podcast: The Board Gaming Explosion

Our recent PAX podcast got me thinking about how relatively wonky, hobbyist board games have penetrated the mainstream. So this podcast focuses on the second big explosion in board gaming (the first occurring in the late 90s).  This isn’t a discussion about specific games, but how board games (and even tabletop RPGs) have penetrated the public consciousness. Let’s roll some dice! I launch the discussion by listing some tidbits, such as Riot Games (of League of Legends fame) launching its first board […]

The Tentpole Western

We recently went to see The Magnificent Seven. Magnificent Seven stars Denzel Washington playing Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt playing Chris Pratt, and a host of other good actors playing bad cliches of characters from westerns of yore. You have your Good Indian, the crusty old backwoodsman who hates Indians, except he becomes buddies with the Good Indian, the Asian Immigrant who knows kung-fu and knife fighting, the Mexican who thinks rape is funny, and the Widow Who Seeks Revenge. At least the […]