The Home Networking Show

Eric, David and I talk about home networking. Or I should say, David and I talk about home networking while Eric decides to build a mini-enterprise network in his house. We discuss gear, wired, WiFi, routers, switches, power line networking,  and services. Home networking has become both easier — as ISPs and hardware makers build easier-to-manage gear — and harder, given the staggering number of choices. Tools Eric and David discuss some specific hardware they use for home and office […]

Kubo and the Tugged Heartstrings

My Japanese mother married my Caucasion father in the early 1950s. Back then, she bought into the idea of immigrant assimilation so completely, she never bothered speaking her native language around her sons. I grew up as an English-language speaker, and the only second language I learned, somewhat poorly, turned out to be German. However, she showered me with books from a very young age. Some of these books include lavishly illustrated child’s versions of Japanese mythology — all written […]

The Insanely Fast Nikon D500 Autofocus

I’ve used a variety of digital SLRs over the years in a seemingly endless quest to capture my daughters in action. Whether indoor sports (volleyball), nighttime marching band, or winter guard inside dimly lit gyms, I believed I fought for better low-light captures. Each camera body upgrade and better quality lens netted slightly better image quality in low light. I was so, so wrong about my photographic priorities. I wrote about the D500’s impressive ability to minimize noise in an […]

Bontrager Isocore Carbon Fiber Handlebars

As I get older, my body aches more. After a recent physical, my doctor asked me how often I took ibuprofen. When I replied, “daily”, she asked me why. Because, I told her, I never have a day where I don’t ache somewhere. The most recent aches and pains come in the form of a persistently sore left rotator cuff. The rotator cuff, as the name implies, is the main socket which allows your arm to rotate, do windmills, and […]

The Everyday Carry Podcast

This week’s podcast sees the whole crew revisiting the idea of everyday carry. Eric and David split between “daily” carry — normal workdays, and travel. I work at home, so everyday carry means something a bit different to me, but I also discuss travel carry, as well as what I carry during my almost-daily cycling excursions. As you might imagine, this is a tools-heavy discussion, but the underlying meaning lies in the differences in philosophies about what’s practical versus what’s […]

The American Distance Running Resurgence

I’m going to digress in this post and talk about something that was near and dear to me for over a decade: distance running. I ran competitively from 1973 to roughly 1988. I use the word “competitively” somewhat ironically, since I was pretty mediocre. I ran my best 1500 meter time at age 24, barely breaking four minutes (remember, this is the 1500; the equivalent mile time is about 4:19). I also ran 31:45 for 10,000 meters on the track […]

Nikon D500

Nikon D500 and the Quality of Noise

I’ve been shooting with the Nikon D500 long enough to become comfortable now, though I’m learning something new every time I shoot with it. I bought the D500 because I wanted to return to Nikon, and return to DX shooting, where I’d been most comfortable in the past. However, I also lusted after the low-light capability. The D500 natively supports ISO settings up to 51,200 and can be pushed to ISO 1,640,000. As you might imagine, anything shot at ISO […]

Personal Area Networks, ToolORama, and Loads of Fun

Someday, we’ll be surrounded by an invisible network of our own, data constantly streaming into our devices, from our embedded sensors, and from the Internet. Personal Area Network technology seemed to stagnate, but now gets a new lease on life with wearables, connected sensors, and IoT. Eric and I try to make sense of the new PAN revolution. We also talk about a lot of tools, gaming, good books, great television, and not-so-great film. Join us for the ride. Meaning […]