Avoiding Challenge in Videogames

I don’t play video or computer games to be challenged. There, I’ve said it. And I don’t feel ashamed to admit it. Note that I don’t typically play in easy mode, usually gravitating towards whatever the game suggests is normal. Firaxis… Continue Reading


Silicon Valley Comicon

The first Silicon Valley Comicon (so named, anyway) wrapped up last weekend. While successful, the overly large crowds marred what should have been a great event. We talk about how what we liked, how it can be better, and why… Continue Reading


The More Things Change, the More They Don’t

I seem to be on a history kick this week. As I dug into my past experiences with the early days of 3D graphics cards, I stumbled across a trove of old Word documents from the days when I wrote… Continue Reading


It All Happened Before: the 3D Revolution

I stood on the threshold of the hotel room in April, 1995. Mike Weksler, then technical editor of Computer Gaming World, pushed me gently into the room. We’d just crashed the private suite of a secretive company developing a new… Continue Reading


The Bicycles In My Life: Lynskey Viale

I owned and rode a Lynskey Viale titanium-frame bicycle for six months. That six months taught me a valuable lesson about something I call “the hubris of experience”. As you move up the learning curve in any endeavor, you can… Continue Reading


Video Games Get Vertical

Video games now permeate society at all age levels and socioeconomic strata. The vast numbers of people playing games creates communities of gamers who live only in their particular gaming niche. Electronic gaming was always a tribal activity, but today’s gaming… Continue Reading


Game Developer Conference 2016

The 30th Game Developer Conference wrapped up this week. As expected, we saw a strong emphasis on VR. But there’s a lot of other things happening in game development as well. Meaning Games have become a big business, but gaming… Continue Reading


The Favorite Son: Nikon D300

I learned more about photography shooting with the Nikon D300 than any other camera I’ve ever used. Because Nikon designed the D300 as a pro-level body, the camera offers little in the way of hand-holding features. The camera lacks scene… Continue Reading