The Dedicated Testbed

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I admit to a certain laziness in my advanced years. When I was editor of ExtremeTech years ago, I maintained a certain rigor about having dedicated testbeds for graphics and CPU. A dedicated test system requires some specific tender loving… Continue Reading


Derelict, Part IV

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Welcome to Part IV of my little SF Novella, Derelict. You can find part I, part II, and part III as earlier posts, in case you need to catch up. Bear in mind I wrote this in 1994, so some… Continue Reading


The Not Quite Gravel Bike: Trek Domane 4.3 Disc


I bought this bike as a backup for my primary bike, which is a Trek Domane 5.2. I viewed Domane 4.3 Disc as a winter bike, which means mostly rain here in Northern California. The disc brakes and ability to… Continue Reading


Game Industry Changes and More VR


This week’s podcast focuses on the incredible changes occurring on the hardware side of the game business. Eric Klein and I discuss Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, Xbox One games on Windows 10, Playstation Neo, and more. We also touch… Continue Reading


Gamelock: When a Game Owns Your Life


You look at the clock and graon. It’s late. Very late. So you head off to bed, but when you wake up in the morning, you think about tactics, the right builds, leveling up, weapons configurations, story branches. Your workday… Continue Reading


Derelict, Part III


The next installment of my novella (novelette?) written in 1994. Curiously, 1994 is the same year I began writing for Computer Gaming World. Who knows what might have happened had I never become involved in technology writing. The sensation of… Continue Reading


The PC Wins the Console Wars


Recently, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions related to buying or building gaming PCs. What goes around, comes around, I guess. At the recent E3 Gaming Expo, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, a more svelte, more powerful Xbox… Continue Reading


June Tech Grab Bag

Beyerdynamic MMX350

David Bryant and I discuss a few recent tech news bits in this podcast. Topics include Intel’s recent Broadwell Extreme launch, Samsung’s bendable screen, Facebook as a game streaming platform, and AMD’s latest GPU. On the tools side, I finally… Continue Reading