Derelict, Part VIII


We last left our protagonist alone, apparently transported by some weird AI religious ritual. But maybe the secrets of the Builders will be uncovered, finally. The wafer that the Coordinator had given me turned out to be a data object… Continue Reading


PC Building Tips & Tricks


This week’s podcast focuses on the little things. David Bryant and I talk about tips and tricks for building a new PC, or rebuilding new PC tech into an old chassis. We discuss tools, lighting, and little hints we’ve learned… Continue Reading


Derelict, Part VII


Our unnamed protagonist prepares for a journey unlike any other, one of mind rather than body. What will he find inside an alien cybeconstruct? It took quite some time to prepare. The Envoy linked up with the engineering AI built… Continue Reading


Don’t Call Me a Cyclist

2013-07-29 Domane 5dot2 02

I enjoy riding my road bike. I’ve got an excellent Trek Domane 5.2 carbon fiber road bike. You can find me a few days a week, spinning along the roads in Silicon Valley and up the Peninsula. I even wear… Continue Reading


Which Graphics Card Should You Buy?

Radeon RX480_05

Which graphics card should you buy? We have hard data on the GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and Radeon RX480, the GPU roadmap for the rest of the year, including the soon-to-ship GTX 1060. So Eric and I take a stab… Continue Reading


Board Game Kickstarters That Delivered


Eric Klein and I have lamented on the podcast that hardware Kickstarters often show up extremely late, or fail to deliver. I’ve cut back on Kickstarter quite a bit, but still help fund the occasional board game. I’ve been disappointed… Continue Reading


Derelict, Part VI


We last left our protagonist sleeping and dreaming restless dreams. When he wakes, he finds good news and weird news… Part VI “Time to wake up, Boss.” “Mmph. Whzzat.” Consciousness returned slowly, almost painfully. “I’ve got a couple of interesting… Continue Reading